Private Sector

As a company which have vision to accelerating modernization in rural area through technology, currently a complete platform ecosystem has been launched by 8villages. It reflected our commitment as a comprehensive solution for every problem in agriculture.

These platforms are not only intended for the agricultural sector but also can be used by other business that in accordance with rural communities. Platforms by 8villages can be used in relation as a complete ecosystem or used separately with different service objectives to help accelerate rural modernization.

With the experience in solving rural problems, 8villages has become intermediary connecting urban companies that have business significance with rural communities through 8villages platforms for the benefit of the companies.

Urban company can work more efficiently and rural communities have more opportunities to expand the reach of their businesses.

Infrastructure Provider

Arduous access to the distribution of business product of rural communities to urban areas makes 8villages triggered to involve infrastructure providers in an effort to accelerate rural modernization.

8villages has succeeded in bridging one of the mobile operator companies through a platform that has been developed to help support business activities in the rural areas by providing rural networks for easier communication and evaluation processes.

Shipping logistic is also crucial for the distribution of business products. With a platform developed by 8villages, the process of delivering logistics from micro entrepreneurs in rural areas to cities is easier and safer.

So that both business activities in urban and rural area become more effective and efficient and those who are in rural area still able to make their contributions even though they are far from headquarter which located in urban area.

Financial Institutions

Rural communities having some constraints regarding funds injection, investment, and mutual funds from official financial institutions because of their unfamiliarity with it and they prefer to acquire cash funds from 'friends' with irrational and suffocating interest.

From those facts, 8villages has successfully connected financial institutions with rural communities through our platforms to interact and educate rural communities regarding appropriate, affordable and secure financial programs because they have been supervised by authorized institutions.

To excogitate safety, convenience and also minimize the unfamiliarity, 8villages complements the platform used by financial institutions with detailed information about villagers as potential users including photos, location photos, GPS coordination, and others to reduce the risk of fraud and increase the expansion of financial institutions' coverage area.

Public Partner

With many programs created by government, non-government, and students to help advancing the country's economy through empowering rural communities, 8villages now accommodate the formation of government and private partnerships through Private Public Partnerships (PPP) by jointly developing technology to be applied in rural communities.

Starting with develop technology at a low cost yet effective and efficient wise, clients will also be equipped with technology which has friendly UI/UX to be use for rural communities.

The tools and programs provided by 8villages will make monitoring and evaluation process easier and it will able to create stronger programs.