LISA can be useful for end user as an individual or as part of your communication campaign.

LISA can be your agricultural friend also. Let's travel to agriculture realm with LISA,
where you can ask the experts or just surfing for some agriculture insights.

Want to know more about LISA?

An education and communication platform by 8villages since 2013 with question and answer facilities with experts and practitioners of various business fields focused on helping to improve the prosperity of rural communities and connecting them with urban communities.

Experience the indescribable feeling of working as a team with us and community. We can bonding with your campaign to make it easier, more efficient, and more effective. Kindly check the happiness we created with several brands:

The LISA platform is useful for all types of your business. This platform has been used by several national and multinational companies for large-scale business interests and has also been involved with several activities in the government. Access to reveal more about the education and communication platforms in agriculture by 8villages and create your own LISA platform with us!

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